The EUREB Institute (European Real Estate Brand Institute) is the leading platform for financial and behavioural evaluation of corporate brands within the European real estate industry.

Based on various scientifically recognized brand value models, the EUREB Institute has annually evaluated around 1,200 brands from the Commercial and Residential European sector since 2009.

By combining qualitative and quantitative methods, the “EUREB brand value model” is designed to provide clear, unambiguous results that can be used to provide early warning recommendations for strategic action.

The highest ranked companies within EUREB Brand-Ranking, are categorized into different sub-sectors, and will be annually awarded the REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARD.

The results of the studies have been published in REAL ESTATE BRAND BOOK since 2014. For the first time this industry monitor uses scientifically valid indicators to represent the brand positioning of the relevant companies within the European real estate industry. Furthermore, this provides insights and understanding to aid the management of corporate development, and communication strategies.

Real Estate Brand Book + Award
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